The Harry Potter films gave us Alan Rickman as Severus Snape but aren’t a patch on the books

There’s a point in Harry Potter and the mystery of when Ginny Weasley is looking to tie the Harry Potter laces in the den. As for the movie, I wanted to throw my hands in despair and shout, “What! Why ?!”

You will not find this stupid scene in the books. Even if you were to use a Developer (this shiny red gum makes visible writing invisible). Ginny in the books would not join the person shoelaces, could even move in place.

Few movies can do justice to a number of books, especially as rich as the Harry Potter novels of JK Rowling. As a reader, I have definite ideas about how Hogwarts and Escalators should look, Cedric Diggory resembles Edward Cullen (no, he is not) and how they cry when Mandrakes come out of the ground. A friend and I had a long discussion about Sirius’ pronunciation – she insisted it was Cyrus, and I could not believe it was “serious.” (I won, in case you asked).

We all have versions of our beloved books in our heads. Some adaptations, such as the play of the Throne series, are close to doing justice to their literary roots. This match is possible on a television show that spans several episodes instead of being wrinkled in the 120 minute editions. By contrast, the film Percy Jackson were almost a mess compared to the fun and fantasy books of Rick Riordan.

For Potterheads, there is always a discussion between endless arguing about how movies are not a patch on the pounds while devouring just to get an extra goal from the magical world. Movies were a way to remember and review the books we all like. No movies, Alan Rickman would not have been burned in our collective memory as Severus Snape.

Popular movie adaptation books tend to define the dominant visual cues for fans. The younger generation always think of Daniel Radcliffe when they think of the child he lived, rather than illustrations of Jim Kay or Mary GrandPré in novels. Whether it’s figurines or coloring books, they’re all movie-based. Even the wizard Harry Potter in the United States and Harry Potter World in London are organized by the producer, Warner Bros. studio.

Potterheads have their favorite books absolute scenes that are often mercilessly cut on the assembly table. For example, where is the wonderful story behind Map of the Marauder, and how Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire can continue to say that the hack Rita Skeeter is an unregistered Animagus? Do not even make me start with the ease with which the maze was in the final task of the Three Wizards’ Tournament.

One of my hobbies is that filmmakers Ron Weasley cut down on a buddy. In books, it has all the fun lines and is loyal to a bug. His insecurities, on the other hand, show his vulnerable side, something that is totally excluded from the films. This is why we should not judge the book by its film.