SSB gets intel wing to check 'friendly' Nepal border

SSB gets intel wing to check ‘friendly’ Nepal border

NEW DELHI: The Government has approved an intellectual sector in its entirety Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), which monitors the border between India and Nepal and India and Bhutan.

The measure, according to the authorities, could give a boost to the operational efficiency of SSB because there would be 650 jobs qualified to collect information for these borders. SSB protect these borders where there are no restrictions on the movement of people from both sides.

Authorities said it was necessary that the SSB intelligence wing is considered the entire border area consists of densely populated hills and plains, thick jungles, underdeveloped regions and inhospitable terrain and the border population on both sides has strong regional growth, Cultural and economic.

“There is a cross-border movement of criminals and anti-national elements that constitute a major challenge for the border as part of the visa-free regime.

Most of the border sections are acitivist Indian insurgent groups ISI (GII), left-wing extremism (LSA) infested, fundamentalists, gun smugglers / ammunition, narcotics, Indian counterfeit currency and human smugglers.

In addition, several other anti-Indian forces with the help of hostile groups are also trying to create problems on the Indian side, “said SSB PRO, Manoj Keshav.

It was necessary that integrated border management and the information wing help to participate.

“It is estimated that higher capacity than a well-connected network with intelligence that can operate and provide the main requirement is a comprehensive border management.

It was certainly essential for SSB operations to be based on intelligence to prevent offenders and traffickers from taking advantage of friendly borders with Nepal and Bhutan, “he said.

SSB has submitted a proposal to MHA for the establishment of a line of information to improve the effectiveness and mandate of the operational force on borders and internal security tasks in J & K tasks and anti-Naxal in LSA areas.