No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

The Direction des Revenus a précisé jeudi que ville de vieilles bijoux ainsi que de vieux véhicules par des particuliers n’attirait aucune TPS car la vente n’est pas pas à favoriser une activité commerciale.

Clarifying the comments of Revenu Hasmukh Adhiria’s secretary, the ministry issued a press release stating that it had been informed to the Master of GST class that “the purchase of old bijoux in or by a bijoutier of a consumer of serum (4) of The Law On TPS, 2017. ”

It will be noted that the section will be closely related to the autre section and whether or not it is a question of particulier to be taken into consideration, on the basis of the fact that the proceedings are pending. Entreprise (Like the sale of the old bijoux in or n’est pas l’affaiire de l’individu), et ne peut donc pas être une fourniture en soi.

‘In conséquence, the sale of bijoux anciens for a particulier in a bijoutier n’attirera pas provisions of l’article 9 (4) Achats “, at-il déclaré.

Officials of the Ministry of Finance have stated that the same principle applies to the sale of old cars in two roues and that the TPS will not be paid, even if the supply is considered.

(4) of the Act requires that the tax on the furnishing of taxable assets (or in this case) by the unregistered provider (a member member) to a registered person Le bijoutier dans ce cas) by the inscrite person (Le bijoutier in this Case) by the reverse charge mechanism.

Further, the sale is not in return for the development of the activities, aucune taxe ne postequera.

However, it has been stated that taxation is a company not registered in the United States.

“However, if an unregistered supplier of the ornaments in or sold the registered supplier, the rate in the RCM”, at-il ajouté.

A supplier is defined as one who sells or sells within the framework of his activity.

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