Many People are telling that GATE exam is Tough ? Reality Test is Out

I would say rather difficult. I would also say hard not to. It all depends on how you want to see things.

The first year I appeared for GATE (2014) assumed it was a piece of cake if I studied very little. The three-hour ride was quite bumpy. Then I realized that if you take this happens to be difficult for you.

So I made a decision. I turned my Infosys position. I say “Nothing invincible.”

I sat for a year at home when my other friends got their first pay packages or joined some premier institutions of higher learning. Every month I took a theme from my GATE program. I’m done. In the end, I do not mean to assault. Literally I discovered the reason behind all that my mind could question. Now, this is the concept of construction. When you do not have to fear their inability to solve a particular problem. You have the concept.

Am I being demotivated? Yes I did it.

Do you have my energy? Yes me too !! Ted speaks.

GATE exam is a shortcut to enter the IIT compared to the IIT JEE exam. Any student who has base can erase the exam with an average range. To get into the best PSU, of course, you have to work hard because there are a limited number of places available. I had prepared it for GATE as hell, but could not do my best at the last moment. I will share some of my experiences

Even if you plan to enter PSU, a year of preparation is enough.
Practice is the main strategy. Get previous documents and practice different types of problems
Persistence is necessary. You might feel bad sometimes, but you should not lose hope and you should continue to prepare until the last minute. (What I needed)
If you know the basics of all subjects, there is no need to go to external training to waste time. But if you do not know the basics, going to form can speed up the preparation of your.
Attend simulated tests to evaluate and analyze door preparations
Writing short notes every time you prepare, this will save time during the exam during the last few months of preparation. (This is extremely important)
To mingle with the holders of high and good teachers of their subjects always motivated.