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No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

The Direction des Revenus a précisé jeudi que ville de vieilles bijoux ainsi que de vieux véhicules par des particuliers n’attirait aucune TPS car la vente n’est pas pas à favoriser une activité commerciale.

Clarifying the comments of Revenu Hasmukh Adhiria’s secretary, the ministry issued a press release stating that it had been informed to the Master of GST class that “the purchase of old bijoux in or by a bijoutier of a consumer of serum (4) of The Law On TPS, 2017. ”

It will be noted that the section will be closely related to the autre section and whether or not it is a question of particulier to be taken into consideration, on the basis of the fact that the proceedings are pending. Entreprise (Like the sale of the old bijoux in or n’est pas l’affaiire de l’individu), et ne peut donc pas être une fourniture en soi.

‘In conséquence, the sale of bijoux anciens for a particulier in a bijoutier n’attirera pas provisions of l’article 9 (4) Achats “, at-il déclaré.

Officials of the Ministry of Finance have stated that the same principle applies to the sale of old cars in two roues and that the TPS will not be paid, even if the supply is considered.

(4) of the Act requires that the tax on the furnishing of taxable assets (or in this case) by the unregistered provider (a member member) to a registered person Le bijoutier dans ce cas) by the inscrite person (Le bijoutier in this Case) by the reverse charge mechanism.

Further, the sale is not in return for the development of the activities, aucune taxe ne postequera.

However, it has been stated that taxation is a company not registered in the United States.

“However, if an unregistered supplier of the ornaments in or sold the registered supplier, the rate in the RCM”, at-il ajouté.

A supplier is defined as one who sells or sells within the framework of his activity.

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Recommended by Kiwi woman killed watching plane take off on Caribbean island

Recommended by Kiwi woman killed watching plane take off on Caribbean island

Kiwi woman killed watching plane take off on Caribbean island

A New Zealand woman, who died after being hit by the blast of a plane to St Maarten in the Caribbean came to the island in a private boat.

The 57-year-old tourist died after being seriously injured when he was snatched by the departure of a Boeing 737 from 18 pm Wednesday (local time), police St Maarten reported, adding that she was one of many people who Were on the airport fence you see the takeoff.

The woman stood on the airport fence, watched the takeoff before being killed.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that the High Commissioner of New Zealand in Barbados was in contact with the relatives of the woman’s parents and was providing consular assistance.

The Tourism Director of St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, Rolando Brison said that he had talked with members of the woman’s family to the hospital.

“They are obviously very distressed,” Brison said.

Police said the proximity of the airstrip at Princess Juliana International Airport on Maho Beach was an attraction for tourists from around the world.

“Many tourists come to the island to experience the thrill of approaching landing (sic) aircraft flying over their heads and clinging to the airport closure and getting in the way of a large plane.

The fence at the end of the track is on the ground, and there are some low walls between it and the beach.

The fence at the end of the track is on the ground, and there are some low walls between it and the beach.

Brison said the family of the dead woman knew the danger. “They’re sorry, that’s unfortunate. They knew the danger, they just did not think it would end.”

Family members were assisted, including transportation to the funeral home, as they arrived on the island on a personal boat. It was confirmed that they were from New Zealand, Brison said.

The tourist office has sent their condolences to the family.

The police statement said the woman who died was one of the many people who were at the airport shutdown during the takeoff of a large plane

When the paramedics arrived on the scene, the woman “does not respond very well.” Local media reports said he hit his head on the concrete.

Police said the woman was transferred to San Martin Medical Center, but died shortly after her injuries.

Airport and other local authorities have taken all necessary measures such as the appearance of signs to warn the public not to oppose the explosion of the plane because of the danger, police said.

“The police daily watches over the area during difficult times to warn people to stay away from the area of ​​the aircraft to take off.”

Brison said other measures were discussed “to ensure that this isolated incident remains the only one of its kind on the island.”

The end of the airport runway is separated from the Maho beach by a two-lane road. Many songs on YouTube show people standing on a wire mesh fence between the end of the track and the road.

There is also a small, apparently concrete wall between the lanes on the road and another wall where the road meets the beach.

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Donald Trump deeply saddened by death of Liu Xiaobo: White House

Donald Trump deeply saddened by death of Liu Xiaobo: White House

Donald Trump deeply saddened by death of Liu Xiaobo: White House

US President Donald Trump is deeply saddened by the death of Chinese nobleman Liu Xiaobo, the White House said. Liu, 61, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 in jail and was represented by an empty chair at the ceremony in Oslo, died Thursday because of organ failure after a fight against cancer While still in custody.

“President Donald J Trump was deeply saddened to hear of the death of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the very important Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“The president’s condolences go to Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, and his family and friends.

A poet, a scholar and a brave defender Liu Xiaobo dedicates his life to the pursuit of democracy and freedom, “Spicer said in a statement.

Today the world lost a hero of freedom and freedom, said Senator Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas.

Liu Xiaobo, a voice of the voiceless and the defender of the oppressed in communist China, has died. Although the physical cause of death is cancer, the main battle Dr. Liu was one of the souls, he said.

Since leaving America’s security and comfort to head the protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989, Liu has sealed his fate as a home to the persistent persecution of the authoritarian People’s Republic of China, Cruz said.

“Re-education through work” and deprivation of property to unjust imprisonment and physical mistreatment, Liu has violated the Communist Party’s rage for having dared to question his system of immoral political oppression as co-author of “Letter 08” A manifesto of Chinese freedom that comes now more than ever, he added.

Senator John McCain said that Liu Xiaobo’s death in a Chinese prison represents a flagrant violation of fundamental human rights that Dr. Liu has spent his life.

“Unfortunately, as Dr. Liu would have wished to remind everyone that today is the latest example of Communist China’s aggression against human rights, democracy and freedom,” he said.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner who was poorly taken prisoner by the Chinese government for nearly a decade, Liu was a human rights defender in his lifetime, McCain said.

Protesting in Tiananmen Square to draw up a manifesto on human rights in which he was unjustly imprisoned, Dr. Liu was relentless in his quest for a democratic China.

As he suffered from liver cancer late in prison, the Chinese government’s processing delay was the latest brutal violation of Dr. Liu’s human rights, he said.

The news of Liu Xiaobo’s death today is more tragic for his beloved wife, Liu Xia, his family and for the millions of supporters of his courageous efforts to defend human rights and democracy in China, said Senator Marco Rubio.

“As we mourn the death of Liu Xiaobo and pray for his family, there are urgent matters that require top diplomatic attention in the coming days.

“Dr. Liu’s family is to receive his remains and will be allowed to honor and bury him as he sees fit. Liu Xia should immediately receive an exit visa and let himself out of China for a country of his choice,” he said. .

“There must be an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Liu, his treatment during detention, the timing of his late liver cancer diagnosis and countless more questions to be answered.

“Chinese authorities are accomplices to unjust imprisonment and death should be punished immediately and their property frozen under the Magnitsky Global Law,” said Rubio.

Sander Levin MP said that Liu Xiaobo was an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

“History will remember Liu as a giant who sought to advance the debate on democratic governance, human rights and the rule of law in China and how the Chinese authorities abused them and other human rights activists,” he said.

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With tweak in SEZ rules, Adani group firm gets Rs 500-crore bonus

With tweak in SEZ rules, Adani group firm gets Rs 500-crore bonus

In August, the government decided to change the rules relating to special economic zones that allowed an Adani group company to benefit from a bonus of around Rs 500 crore. While a predictable and correct Adani Group representative stated that the company had done nothing wrong or illegal, senior officials of the Ministry of Finance (including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley) and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (including the Minister of State Nirmala Sitharaman that Head of Department) did not respond to the detailed questionnaires sent by Economic and Political Weekly that two weeks ago, asking for an explanation of the reason for government actions that seem to favor a particular company. The Adani group is led by Gautam Adani, who is supposed to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In August 2016, the Regulation on Special Economic Zones in 2016 was amended by the Ministry of Commerce to insert a provision on claims under the Special Economic Zones Act 2005. The Law of Special Economic Zones in which the Special Economic Zones Rules are initially framed provided no provision for reimbursement of any kind before introducing the change. The change has allowed Adani limited food to have the opportunity to ask for customs repayments at the rate of Rs 500 crore. Adani limited feed claimed to have customs duties paid for raw materials and consumables, that is, imported coal for power generation. However, documents released to the EPW clear limited food qu’Adani had not actually paid the duty on raw materials and consumables Rs 1 billion rupees from the end of March 2015. Apparently, Alteration of the rules of special economic zones to insert a provision that companies are demanding reimbursement customs, the Department of Commerce allows Adani limited food with the claim of restitution by the right that was never paid for it in the first place.

Adani limited feed imports coal from Indonesia. The import of coal by the company (with others such as Reliance Infrastructure, Pink Power Supply, Essar Group companies, among others) from Indonesia has been a review of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence for some time. In March 2016, management, research by the Ministry of Finance Finance Department, said that Indonesia’s coal imports were overburdened by diverting funds out of the country and electricity generation companies, including Adani limited food, has a Higher rate compensation based on the artificially inflated price of imported coal. In addition to this, the companies of the Adani and Essar groups have been accused of overloading imported equipment from the plants. These reports first appeared in the WPA in April and May last year. This instance of the so-called set of escape tasks is consistent with the claims claim rights which, in fact, have not been paid.

Located in Mundra, Gujarat, Adani Food Limited claims to have established the first coal-based power plant based on India’s “super critical technology”, with an installed capacity to generate 660 megawatts of electricity. The center of Mundra, located in the port and Adani SEZ, has a total capacity to generate 4,620 MW. The Mundra power plant.

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Thought leaders and finance industry experts come together to create leaders of tomorrow

Thought leaders and finance industry experts come together to create leaders of tomorrow

Thought leaders and finance industry experts come together to create leaders of tomorrow

Moving from the middle of a leadership function is more than a change of designation. It is a transition that requires the development of key leadership competencies, including a broader view of the industry on the face of the piece. According to a study by HBR, senior managers make the transition to occupy leadership positions, having a strategic vision of the industry is essential to becoming a good leader.

Especially in relation to the world of finance, this strategic perspective is particularly important given the increasing volatility of the world economy due to political and economic developments. This translates into the fact that in 2016, the world economy grew only 2.3%, compared to 2.7% in 2015. Changes in world economic power, technological advances and demographic and social changes Are major factors influencing financial policies and regulations.

To help keep financial industry professionals ahead of the challenging face of such challenges, Standard Chartered has partnered with Chevening, a UK based organization, to create the Chevening Fellowship – Standard Chartered Financial Services. This program focuses on industry knowledge, knowledge sharing and exposure to the operation of international financial markets. Eight professionals from different disciplines and sectors with the potential to become leaders in the financial industry were selected to take part in the exclusive courses. The customized program to be held at Kings College London will focus on specialized skills such as risk management, actuarial science, financial regulation and aims to achieve a holistic approach.

Immediately after British voters decided to leave the EU, the pound fell 7.6% against the dollar. This dollar-dollar seismic movement caused by geopolitical uncertainty is one of many examples that highlight the importance of having a deep understanding of how global developments can have an impact on economies. The program is designed to familiarize participants with the impact of these large-scale movements. Although the focus is on reviewing the regulatory and organizational implications of Brexit for the financial sector, the course also includes the EU financial architecture study in the post-Brexit world. Course participants visit the platforms of the main banks of Canary Wharf, the London Stock Exchange and will travel to the European Commission in Brussels and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in Paris. With several companies operating across international borders, the experiences provided in this course will enrich an in-depth knowledge of the funds from an international point of view.

Participants will have many opportunities to interact with the Brexit expert department; EU lawmakers and regulators and experts from leading financial institutions. These networking opportunities are included throughout the duration of the course to enable knowledge sharing and the knowledge industry.

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How villagers in Nepal are making sure their concerns over a mega dam project are heard

How villagers in Nepal are making sure their concerns over a mega dam project are heard

We walked on unpaved and dusty roads. Women cut their rice crops in rice paddies, while men who use “topi” crush traditional Nepal stems against threshing stones. Water buffalo graze in the fields. Along the main road, uniformed children arrive from school. They cross a suspension bridge and make their way uphill and out of sight.

The suspension bridge crosses a river that flows clear and fast. As I approach the bridge, my heart begins to beat and I can not look down. I walked away and I sit on the grass nearby, next to an old man looking towards the river. “I helped build that bridge,” he said. “It was the only way people living on the other side of the river could go to the city and the kids could go to school if the dam was built, the bridge, all these houses – everything – will be under water. ”

The man spoke Tanahu hydroelectric project, threatening homes, homes and resources of the Damauli, Tanahu communities. I was visiting the area to know the proposed dam and understand what the communities thought the project.

The Tanahu hydroelectric project involves the construction of a 140-megawatt power plant with water storage facilities and transmission system. The project is expected to cost about $ 550 million and will be completed by 2020. The Asian Development Bank, the European Investment Bank and the Japan International Cooperation Agency provide funding for the project.

The dam needs to expand access to clean and sustainable energy, according to the Asian Development Bank, and investment will boost trade, productivity, job creation and the quality of life of citizens and the development of Community in a rural area. This story seems positive on paper, but quickly learned that the people directly affected by the project have a different story to share.

According to residents of Tanahu, more than 750 families will be affected by the hydroelectric project. Members of the community belong to different indigenous groups such as Magar, Gurung, Newari. They depend on land for sustenance and are concerned about the impacts on their land and their traditional environment.

For indigenous communities, meaningful participation in consultation and decision-making is an essential prerequisite for any development project. This is not the case for Tanahu. As a resident was found: “We have no information on the exact financing of this project. There were no public hearings.”

To address this gap in access to information, strengthening the Foundation’s community, social justice and the Aboriginal women’s legal consciousness group with the support of the Alliance for the Indigenous Peoples of Asia, the Council The International Accountability and Accountability Project, organized a November workshop to share information on Outreach and understand the situation of affected communities.

As a group, we are committed to supporting communities in their efforts to collaborate with banks, government and business for their needs. During training, community members learned the relevant national laws of a high-level advocate for indigenous rights. They also heard representatives of the Asian Peoples Alliance in international legal frameworks to protect the rights of indigenous peoples and relevant policies of the Asian Development Bank.

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Meira Kumar may not have the numbers to be president – but could she be prime minister?

Meira Kumar may not have the numbers to be president – but could she be prime minister?

Meira Kumar, a joint opposition candidate to the president, can not reach Rashtrapati Bhavan in July 2017, given the numbers stacked in favor of the indicator Ram Nath Kevin, the candidate of the Democratic National Alliance Party-Bharatiya Janata. But could she emerge as a candidate for prime minister of the united opposition in 2019?

This possibility may seem very speculative – and premature – at this stage. Certainly, there are two years for the next general election, and much water will descend on the Ganges during this period. On the other hand, we are not trying to make a decision, but a multitude of groups, big and small, each with its own agenda – and political – that the choice of a leader can help or hurt.

It is not as if the opposition grouping was like a monolithic entity, while the Bharatiya Janata Party is today, under a strong leader Narendra Modi, in its brief was accepted without hesitation since it has a product with the Kovind application.

In fact, Congress has not canceled within a few hours announcing the agreement on Meira Kumar, so some of the parties who considered themselves undecided are wrong. Sharad Pawar had to wait until Friday when he was to take a delegation to see the prime minister on the problems of farmers Friday. Nationalist Party Party leader Praful Patel said last week that whether his party’s support in the presidential election had been requested by the NDA leadership of the United Progressive Alliance should be addressed to a specific name. Mayawati also indicated his positive response to Kovind’s candidacy – unless, as was said, the opposition also introduced a Dalit, which they did.

Congress made the announcement in the knowledge that the BJP would work in several parties in the opposition. The Nationalist Congress Party, the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Trinamool Congress Party, about which there were doubts, all came on board. Nitish Kumar and his Janata Dal (States) stood firm in their support for proclaimed Kovind. The weakness of the opposition parties that support Meira Kumar is not as large as it could be if the Janata Dal (States) remained on board, although there was little chance of victory. But then, there is an irony because of Nitish Kumar, who had first encouraged Sonia Gandhi to take the initiative to develop a consensus name on the side of the opposition to the presidency.

Despite the fragility of opposition programming, but because they are all at the end of the BJP reception at their expense, the possibility of Meira Kumar who heads the opposition group in 2019 is an idea to consider. For the simple reason that she is Dalit, who belongs to the dominant caste Jatav, she is a woman and women appear more and more as a political group with a voice. And it belongs to the largest opposition party in the country, the National Congress of India, the member would be a natural claimant to lead a coalition. In addition, she has had a long and varied experience in politics, the Parliament as President of the Lok Sabha during the domination of the United Progressive Alliance led by Congress and administration in the government of the Union and training in the foreign service.

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15 Ways to Achieve Your Goals in beauty services at home in Mumbai Faster.

15 Ways to Achieve Your Goals in beauty services at home in Mumbai Faster.

With salon business goal setting, keep in mind that you will always have “short term salon business plans “to reach “long term salon business goals”. This means that interim steps along the way are important to your success for the future. Salon business goal setting is like having a roadmap to your destination.

1)the first step is defining the salon business goal you want to accomplish. For example, I want to create a salon business that produces x product for sale and attracts Y number of clients and customer monthly.

2)the second step is to create milestone or multiple steps to accomplish that salon business goal.

3)the third step is to create a process for managing and evaluating progress against milestone to reach you salon business goal. Setting timelines for your milestone will help.

4)train your employees show them how to offer your clients extra services when taking a booking.

5)set a goal for your staff ask them to add at least one extra service to every appointment booked and reward them when they achieve it.

6)Be genuine it is not difficult to value add but ensure that the value is “genuine”. Savvy clients can smell a fake benefit a mile away and this will reduce your ongoing credibility.

7)Bring suppliers on board ask your suppliers if they are willing to provide free gifts to your clients for promotional purposes.

8)stay in touch with your clients remind them that you are still there, offer them some free useful information and always give them a good reason to come back to you rather than try the new salon down the road.

9)find the complimentary service nearly every service your salon offer has another service that will compliment it and all you have to do is identify what those complimentary services are and suggest them to your clients.

10)Encourage your staff to smile and laugh often laughter is free and contagious and will put a smile on the face of your clients.

11)make your salon somewhere that people feel great do this and they will keep coming back! Negative statements never produce positive actions or customs.



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