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Assam’s Nepalis support the Gorkhaland movement – but say they will never leave their state

Assam’s Nepalis support the Gorkhaland movement – but say they will never leave their state

As a student at the Indian Institute of Technology in Dhanbad Jharkhand, Krishna Khatiwoda endeavored to explain to people that although he was from Nepal by descent, Assam was his home state. “I had an identity crisis,” said Khatiwoda, who speaks fluently assamois and graduated from high school this year. “When I told people I am from Nepal, they are going to say: ‘Oh, you are Nepal’ But I would tell them ‘I am not … I am Assam I am Indian ..’

While Darjeeling, West Bengal, blinded new demands for the creation of a separate state of Gorkhaland of Nepalese origin from Gorkha, like Khatiwoda – Nepal who was born and raised in Assam – supported the state movement. “This is a struggle for our identity,” Khatiwoda said. “We need a separate statement, so we do not have to explain every time we introduce ourselves that we are not in Nepal, but we are Indians.”

According to the 2001 census, Assam is home to 5.65 lakh Nepalese-speaking people – the highest of any state after West Bengal (which had 10.23 Nepali lakh in 2001). However, Nepalese in Assam said the actual number was even higher. “Assam has the largest number of Nepal in the country,” said Sanjib Chetri, secretary of the All Gorkha Assam Student Union. “There are about 25 Nepali lakhs in Assam. In Bengal, the number will not exceed 20 lakh.”

Rajsekhar Sapota, a veterinary science student in Guwahati, said that “the house always Assam” supported the claim of a separate state of Gorkhaland because it was simply that the Nepal community responded to its fair value. “If you go to the area around Darjeeling, you will see that the population is completely different from the rest of [West Bengal],” he said.

In 1986, when the demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland was first acquired in 1986, after the widespread expulsion of Nepal Meghalaya under the Gorkha National Liberation Front, led by Subhash Ghising. At that time, the Joint Action Committee of the New Optical Assam Organizations, Nepal’s dominant group organization in Assam, had set the Nepal number in Assam at about 18 lakh.

Nepali people speaking in Assam came in waves. The first large-scale migration was believed to have occurred in 1826 when the British were using Gorkha soldiers to annex Assam. Later, the British also brought a large number of Nepal to work in the state as many workers in the coal mines and oil fields in the region. The large tracts of green land of Assam also attracted the shepherds of Nepal in recent years.

While people of Nepalese origin are largely friendly with other Asamois, there have been cases of parasitic power, especially in the years following the Assam agreement in 1985. Among other things. The document sets midnight on March 24, 1971, as the date for entry into the state. All those who came to the state of Assam after they would declare themselves illegal immigrants. Although the movement was aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from Bangladesh to the Bay, Nepal has also been caught in the crossfire on occasion.

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Not In My Name: I refuse to cede Hinduism to those who want to make India a Hindu rashtra

Not In My Name: I refuse to cede Hinduism to those who want to make India a Hindu rashtra

I will never forget that cold, rainy day in New York in March 2011. I was part of an interreligious vigil to support the creation of a Muslim cultural center in southern Manhattan, near Zero Attack Zone 11 September 2001. From Just as I began to lament the lack of Hindus the day before (as is often the case), I heard a beautiful Hindu prayer over a megaphone.

But to my fear, I noticed that the prayer was sung by a man dressed in saffron on the other side of the police line, in protest because he believed that the construction of an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero was Luck that contaminated the hundreds who died at the hands of the Muslim terrorists on September 11.

Until then, my Hinduism was private and my activism was public. But that day, I promised never to allow anyone to use Hinduism preach hatred in my un-counter presence that says, “Not in my name.”

But even as I write this piece, I find the news of another lynching in India – this time a 15-year-old boy died Muslims after he and his brothers were attacked by a group of 10 to 12 Hindu men train.

In 2011, some of us created the Sadhana Group: Coalition for Progress of Hindus, based in New York, because we could not assume that there was no politically progressive Hindu vote against a growing Hindu and radically Islamophobe and casteist nationalist movement. The founders and members of Sadhana are Hindus who have been brought up to believe that the heart of our religion is plural.

We were taught to embrace the teachings of the unity of all (ekatva), compassion and non-violence to all beings and the universe (ahimsa). We have worked hard in recent years – writing, speaking, walking, organizing events and organizing Hindu children’s courses based on the teachings of social justice at the heart of Hindu texts – and we have been recognized for our efforts.

“Hindu liberalism, once so vigorous and upward, is increasingly under siege, while the leadership of the community passed to the intolerant and reactionary. Having (to quote Gandhi) once lived in a house with windows were Open to the breeze from outside come freely, having once (to invoke Tagore) glorified in the illumination of a lamp lit everywhere, the Hindu leaders now turn inward, looking back.

And a large part of the community follows suit. Therefore, a greater number of Hindus seem to have blocked their sensibility with a huge lock and threw the key. “In addition,” it has become difficult to open the lock. If he decides to open, he is considered as an enemy of Hinduism and the anti-Hindu person. ”

Ananya Vajpeyi in a room for, spoke about the erosion of public empathy and warned, “Vaishnav jan to Kahiye tene urinating paraai Jaane re. Soon, there will be no description in most Hindu Rashtra.”

Also in, Samar Halarnkar wrote in the context of the response to recent lynchings. “But it is not only Hindu conservative law is unclear in most Hindus, it is condemnation, sympathy for lynchistes or public expressions of unity with the minority.”

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How a woman’s dissent led to Indian mothers getting guardianship rights to their children

How a woman’s dissent led to Indian mothers getting guardianship rights to their children

Upon discovering that he was not the natural guardian of his minor son, the acclaimed author Githa Hariharan decided to challenge the relevant sections of the Law, the Hindu Minority and Guardianship 1956 and the Guardians and Guardians Act, 1890 on the grounds that they violate The equality promised by Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India. In 1999, a resolution was passed, which indicates that, according to Hindu law, the mother can also be the guardian of her minor children. He responded at the trial.

On 17 February 1999, a Supreme Court court, including the Chief Justice of India, issued a judgment on mothers and children. The highest court held that “it is an axiomatic truth that the mother and father of a minor child have a duty to care for the person and property of their children.” In a concurrent ruling, one of the members of the same court noted that “the father because of a dominant personality can not be attributed to having a preferential right in the motherboard for guardianship since both belong to the same category”.

This is supposed to be a historical judgment; A milestone in the fight for women’s rights. I should feel a sense of triumph. But the truth I could not stop looking into was a simple question: are we so blind that we need the law to tell us that a mother has the right to be the guardian of her acknowledged son?

It was five years ago, I discovered that although I am an adult citizen of India, a working citizen, taxpayer, wife and mother – all that is acceptable and respectable – I am still not considered a “natural guardian” of my son. I asked the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for its 9 percent emergency bond on behalf of my eleven-year-old son. I was told that only the child’s parent could sign the application for purchase or refund.

My husband and I have written to the producer that for this reason, we agreed on that fonctionniez as a tutor. But the response was inflexible and we found, completely legal: if I wanted to sign as my child’s guardian, I should produce a certificate from a competent authority to prove my husband was “unfit”; Or that he was dead; Or that he took vanaprastha.

Consider the irony: Like any other woman, I was raised in a world that has told you in many ways that your reason for being. Once again, like most women, I made peace with biological and social expectations. But to be said that it could be considered as the natural guardian of “illegitimate” children, not “legitimate”! And I was not legally responsible just to be helping, not a recognized decision-maker on issues related to my son’s well-being! As the law has had no problems with my income tax payment for my son, a single salary of the mother?

With the help of the Lawyers’ Women’s Rights Initiative program, my husband and I filed a request for an order from the Supreme Court to challenge the constitutionality of the minority and the Indian Guardianship Act (1956). Section 6 of the Act states that the mother is the natural guardian of her legitimate minor child “after” the father; Section 19 of the Law, Guardians, and Guards (1890) prohibits the court to appoint a guardian for a minor whose father lives and can not, according to the court, is not fit to be a guardian.

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Full text: USA is ‘primary partner’ for India’s transformation, says Modi in Washington

Full text: USA is ‘primary partner’ for India’s transformation, says Modi in Washington

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump read short statements at the White House Rose Garden after an individual meeting was held in the Oval Office on Monday. In statements, Trump said that India now has a “true friend” in the White House, while Modi highlighted the US. As a “key partner” for the transformation of India. Full statements of the two leaders, as recorded by the White House, are as follows:

TRIUNFO PRESIDENT: Thank you. Modi’s Prime Minister, thank you for coming here today. It is a great honor to welcome the world’s largest democracy leader to the White House.

I have always had a great admiration for his country and its people, and a deep appreciation for its rich culture, heritage and traditions. This summer, India will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its independence and on behalf of the United States, I congratulate the Indians of this magnificent milestone in the life of their very incredible nation.

During my campaign, he promised that, if elected, India would have a true friend in the White House. And now it’s exactly what you, a true friend. The friendship between the US And India is based on shared values, including our common commitment to democracy. Not many people know this, but the constitutions of the United States and India begin with the same three beautiful words: we the people.

The Prime Minister and I understand the crucial importance of these words, which helps form the basis of cooperation between our two countries. Relations between countries are stronger when they are dedicated to the interests of those we serve. And after our meetings today, I would say that the relationship between India and the United States has never been stronger, it has never been better.

I am proud to announce to the media, Americans and Indians, that the Prime Minister of Modi and are world leaders in social networks – (laughs) – we believe – give citizens the opportunity of our country to listen directly to their Elected representatives and listen directly. I think it is very good in both cases.

I am delighted to welcome you, Indian Prime Minister Modi and for everything you do together. Their achievements were enormous. The economy of India is the fastest growing in the world. We hope that we will catch very soon in terms of percentage increase, I have to tell you. We are working on it.

In just two weeks, you will begin to apply the greatest tax review of your country’s history – we also do it by going for great opportunities for your citizens. You have a great vision to improve infrastructure, and fight against government corruption, which remains a serious threat to democracy.

Together, our countries can help to chart an optimistic path in the future, which unleashes the power of new technologies, new infrastructure and the enthusiasm and excitement of working people very, very dynamic.

I look forward to working with you, Mr. Prime Minister, to create jobs in our countries, to develop our economies and create a fair and reciprocal trade relationship. It is important to remove barriers to the export of US products in their markets and we are reducing our trade deficit with their country.

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Arun Jaitley urges Jammu and Kashmir to clear state GST Act for national rollout on July 1

Arun Jaitley urges Jammu and Kashmir to clear state GST Act for national rollout on July 1

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday urged the Jammu and Kashmir government, Mufti led by Mehbooba, to eliminate the State Property and Services Act prior to the enactment of the July 1 national law.

Jammu and Kashmir are the only ones that have not yet adopted the law. Jaitley said the failure of the application would put companies at a disadvantage and have a “negative impact” on the economy, the Hindu said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Commerce and Industries, Nirmala Sitharaman, refuted the concern about rising commodity prices under the new regime. “There is no different explanation for the public and another for traders,” Sitharaman said. “It’s all the same. The price of basic necessities is not going to increase.”

In a letter to the Chief Minister, Jaitley would have suggested that the state uses its powers for a special statute under section 370 to give its approval without the authorization of the Assembly, the Times of India reported. The Popular Democratic Party party – the Bharatiya Janata Party government plans to end the stagnation in the Assembly before the nationwide launch, unidentified officials said.

The state will be a meeting of all parties to discuss the issue after a special session of the House on June 17, did not vote.

Implications for the state
The Finance Minister has warned the state government that the exclusion of the tax system would translate into higher prices of goods in the state, as well as an increase in taxes on goods leaving the state.

Jaitley said entrepreneurs would not be able to benefit from the credit option available under the new tax regime. “The GST is a tax based on fate … if the state of Jammu and Kashmir do not join the GST on July 1, dealers do not take into account the integrated GST in all purchases,” said Jaitley in his letter To the Mufti.

The Center began to accept registration applications from companies that still have to register with the Tax Network products and services. Jaitley had said that the government had recorded nearly 65 lakh taxpayers on the network, The Hindu.
Once in the network, companies can use the common portal to file tax returns and pay taxes.
The Center has also delayed the launch of a role in the new tax regime that would make it compulsory for e-commerce players to deduct tax on payments made to suppliers.
The government led by the BJP said that small businesses using e-commerce platforms should not enroll in the network immediately.
The delay gives e-commerce platforms and suppliers more time to meet the requirements of the new law.
The Center has dismissed the claims of the Association of Indian Chambers of Commerce and the Ministry of Civil Aviation to postpone the implementation of the GST deployment.

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Aadhaar mandatory for school kids too! Visit your bank to speed up process

Aadhaar mandatory for school kids too! Visit your bank to speed up process

Aadhaar mandatory for school kids too! Visit your bank to speed up process

Center asked Karnataka and 15 other states to supplement the Aadhaar schoolchildren on August 31 and send the data to serve their lunch noon “to perfection.” According to the Deccan Herald, this occurs when the Human Resources Development Department (HRD) noted that many of these 16 states had been delayed in completing the task, Nagaland has recorded only 15% of 1,549,449 Aadhaar students.

In Karnataka, only 70 percent of the total number of students enrolled in Aaadhar. In total, 49,10,765 students from public schools in the state.

“The planned date for the accession of 100% Aadhaar is August 31, 2017. Seriously, suggesting that the Aadhaar registration campaign is awarded by the Karnataka Government within a specified period,” Secretary of the Department of Education A school of the Ministry of Human Rights, said Anil Swarup in his letter to the chief secretary of Karnataka Subhash C Khuntia.

According to the Ministry of the date, only 23% of the school’s students enrolled in Aaadhar in Andhra Pradesh, 26% in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha 28%, 42% in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh 61% and 63% in Bihar.

The West Bengal government has not shared any updates on the recruitment of Aadhaar students despite “repeated requests and reminders” from the Ministry of Human Resources, an official said.

To simplify the process, one of the 10 bank branches will now have the Aadhaar registration facility. Unique Identification Indian Authority (UIDAI) has called on private banks and public sector banks to establish an Aadhaar registration system in at least one of the 10 branches in the coming weeks, an official said.

At present, there are 25,000 registration centers active throughout the country, but operating from their own facilities. However, none of these centers is operated at the bank’s premises.

“We called all regular commercial banks – public and private – to establish a registration center and update Aadhaar within bank branches … At least in one of the ten branches in August-end,” said Ajay Pandey Bhushan, CEO of PTI UIDAI.

There are 120,000 bank branches in the country and, for this move, it will establish 12,000 Aadhaar inscription and update centers in these branches, he said.

He added that management would provide a “convenience” to people like Aadhaar is now required to open new bank accounts and existing accounts.

In addition, the location of the Aadhaar centers in the bank guarantee facilities that records occur in a secure environment.

“Registration will be in a safe and supervised environment. So there is less chance of complaints of corruption, overload or bad practices,” Pandey said.

In other words, many private banks have asked to be allowed to register for Aadhaar, Pandey said, adding that the authority will name the “registrars”, if they have not done so.

Many banks are already “registrars” but do not have registration centers on the bank premises.

The government has recently cited the Aadhaar 12-digit biometric identity number mandatory for opening bank accounts and for any financial transaction of Rs 50,000 and above.

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No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

No GST on sale of old jewellery, cars by individuals

The Direction des Revenus a précisé jeudi que ville de vieilles bijoux ainsi que de vieux véhicules par des particuliers n’attirait aucune TPS car la vente n’est pas pas à favoriser une activité commerciale.

Clarifying the comments of Revenu Hasmukh Adhiria’s secretary, the ministry issued a press release stating that it had been informed to the Master of GST class that “the purchase of old bijoux in or by a bijoutier of a consumer of serum (4) of The Law On TPS, 2017. ”

It will be noted that the section will be closely related to the autre section and whether or not it is a question of particulier to be taken into consideration, on the basis of the fact that the proceedings are pending. Entreprise (Like the sale of the old bijoux in or n’est pas l’affaiire de l’individu), et ne peut donc pas être une fourniture en soi.

‘In conséquence, the sale of bijoux anciens for a particulier in a bijoutier n’attirera pas provisions of l’article 9 (4) Achats “, at-il déclaré.

Officials of the Ministry of Finance have stated that the same principle applies to the sale of old cars in two roues and that the TPS will not be paid, even if the supply is considered.

(4) of the Act requires that the tax on the furnishing of taxable assets (or in this case) by the unregistered provider (a member member) to a registered person Le bijoutier dans ce cas) by the inscrite person (Le bijoutier in this Case) by the reverse charge mechanism.

Further, the sale is not in return for the development of the activities, aucune taxe ne postequera.

However, it has been stated that taxation is a company not registered in the United States.

“However, if an unregistered supplier of the ornaments in or sold the registered supplier, the rate in the RCM”, at-il ajouté.

A supplier is defined as one who sells or sells within the framework of his activity.

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Recommended by Kiwi woman killed watching plane take off on Caribbean island

Recommended by Kiwi woman killed watching plane take off on Caribbean island

Kiwi woman killed watching plane take off on Caribbean island

A New Zealand woman, who died after being hit by the blast of a plane to St Maarten in the Caribbean came to the island in a private boat.

The 57-year-old tourist died after being seriously injured when he was snatched by the departure of a Boeing 737 from 18 pm Wednesday (local time), police St Maarten reported, adding that she was one of many people who Were on the airport fence you see the takeoff.

The woman stood on the airport fence, watched the takeoff before being killed.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that the High Commissioner of New Zealand in Barbados was in contact with the relatives of the woman’s parents and was providing consular assistance.

The Tourism Director of St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, Rolando Brison said that he had talked with members of the woman’s family to the hospital.

“They are obviously very distressed,” Brison said.

Police said the proximity of the airstrip at Princess Juliana International Airport on Maho Beach was an attraction for tourists from around the world.

“Many tourists come to the island to experience the thrill of approaching landing (sic) aircraft flying over their heads and clinging to the airport closure and getting in the way of a large plane.

The fence at the end of the track is on the ground, and there are some low walls between it and the beach.

The fence at the end of the track is on the ground, and there are some low walls between it and the beach.

Brison said the family of the dead woman knew the danger. “They’re sorry, that’s unfortunate. They knew the danger, they just did not think it would end.”

Family members were assisted, including transportation to the funeral home, as they arrived on the island on a personal boat. It was confirmed that they were from New Zealand, Brison said.

The tourist office has sent their condolences to the family.

The police statement said the woman who died was one of the many people who were at the airport shutdown during the takeoff of a large plane

When the paramedics arrived on the scene, the woman “does not respond very well.” Local media reports said he hit his head on the concrete.

Police said the woman was transferred to San Martin Medical Center, but died shortly after her injuries.

Airport and other local authorities have taken all necessary measures such as the appearance of signs to warn the public not to oppose the explosion of the plane because of the danger, police said.

“The police daily watches over the area during difficult times to warn people to stay away from the area of ​​the aircraft to take off.”

Brison said other measures were discussed “to ensure that this isolated incident remains the only one of its kind on the island.”

The end of the airport runway is separated from the Maho beach by a two-lane road. Many songs on YouTube show people standing on a wire mesh fence between the end of the track and the road.

There is also a small, apparently concrete wall between the lanes on the road and another wall where the road meets the beach.

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Donald Trump deeply saddened by death of Liu Xiaobo: White House

Donald Trump deeply saddened by death of Liu Xiaobo: White House

Donald Trump deeply saddened by death of Liu Xiaobo: White House

US President Donald Trump is deeply saddened by the death of Chinese nobleman Liu Xiaobo, the White House said. Liu, 61, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 in jail and was represented by an empty chair at the ceremony in Oslo, died Thursday because of organ failure after a fight against cancer While still in custody.

“President Donald J Trump was deeply saddened to hear of the death of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the very important Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“The president’s condolences go to Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, and his family and friends.

A poet, a scholar and a brave defender Liu Xiaobo dedicates his life to the pursuit of democracy and freedom, “Spicer said in a statement.

Today the world lost a hero of freedom and freedom, said Senator Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas.

Liu Xiaobo, a voice of the voiceless and the defender of the oppressed in communist China, has died. Although the physical cause of death is cancer, the main battle Dr. Liu was one of the souls, he said.

Since leaving America’s security and comfort to head the protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989, Liu has sealed his fate as a home to the persistent persecution of the authoritarian People’s Republic of China, Cruz said.

“Re-education through work” and deprivation of property to unjust imprisonment and physical mistreatment, Liu has violated the Communist Party’s rage for having dared to question his system of immoral political oppression as co-author of “Letter 08” A manifesto of Chinese freedom that comes now more than ever, he added.

Senator John McCain said that Liu Xiaobo’s death in a Chinese prison represents a flagrant violation of fundamental human rights that Dr. Liu has spent his life.

“Unfortunately, as Dr. Liu would have wished to remind everyone that today is the latest example of Communist China’s aggression against human rights, democracy and freedom,” he said.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner who was poorly taken prisoner by the Chinese government for nearly a decade, Liu was a human rights defender in his lifetime, McCain said.

Protesting in Tiananmen Square to draw up a manifesto on human rights in which he was unjustly imprisoned, Dr. Liu was relentless in his quest for a democratic China.

As he suffered from liver cancer late in prison, the Chinese government’s processing delay was the latest brutal violation of Dr. Liu’s human rights, he said.

The news of Liu Xiaobo’s death today is more tragic for his beloved wife, Liu Xia, his family and for the millions of supporters of his courageous efforts to defend human rights and democracy in China, said Senator Marco Rubio.

“As we mourn the death of Liu Xiaobo and pray for his family, there are urgent matters that require top diplomatic attention in the coming days.

“Dr. Liu’s family is to receive his remains and will be allowed to honor and bury him as he sees fit. Liu Xia should immediately receive an exit visa and let himself out of China for a country of his choice,” he said. .

“There must be an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Liu, his treatment during detention, the timing of his late liver cancer diagnosis and countless more questions to be answered.

“Chinese authorities are accomplices to unjust imprisonment and death should be punished immediately and their property frozen under the Magnitsky Global Law,” said Rubio.

Sander Levin MP said that Liu Xiaobo was an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

“History will remember Liu as a giant who sought to advance the debate on democratic governance, human rights and the rule of law in China and how the Chinese authorities abused them and other human rights activists,” he said.

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With tweak in SEZ rules, Adani group firm gets Rs 500-crore bonus

With tweak in SEZ rules, Adani group firm gets Rs 500-crore bonus

In August, the government decided to change the rules relating to special economic zones that allowed an Adani group company to benefit from a bonus of around Rs 500 crore. While a predictable and correct Adani Group representative stated that the company had done nothing wrong or illegal, senior officials of the Ministry of Finance (including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley) and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (including the Minister of State Nirmala Sitharaman that Head of Department) did not respond to the detailed questionnaires sent by Economic and Political Weekly that two weeks ago, asking for an explanation of the reason for government actions that seem to favor a particular company. The Adani group is led by Gautam Adani, who is supposed to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In August 2016, the Regulation on Special Economic Zones in 2016 was amended by the Ministry of Commerce to insert a provision on claims under the Special Economic Zones Act 2005. The Law of Special Economic Zones in which the Special Economic Zones Rules are initially framed provided no provision for reimbursement of any kind before introducing the change. The change has allowed Adani limited food to have the opportunity to ask for customs repayments at the rate of Rs 500 crore. Adani limited feed claimed to have customs duties paid for raw materials and consumables, that is, imported coal for power generation. However, documents released to the EPW clear limited food qu’Adani had not actually paid the duty on raw materials and consumables Rs 1 billion rupees from the end of March 2015. Apparently, Alteration of the rules of special economic zones to insert a provision that companies are demanding reimbursement customs, the Department of Commerce allows Adani limited food with the claim of restitution by the right that was never paid for it in the first place.

Adani limited feed imports coal from Indonesia. The import of coal by the company (with others such as Reliance Infrastructure, Pink Power Supply, Essar Group companies, among others) from Indonesia has been a review of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence for some time. In March 2016, management, research by the Ministry of Finance Finance Department, said that Indonesia’s coal imports were overburdened by diverting funds out of the country and electricity generation companies, including Adani limited food, has a Higher rate compensation based on the artificially inflated price of imported coal. In addition to this, the companies of the Adani and Essar groups have been accused of overloading imported equipment from the plants. These reports first appeared in the WPA in April and May last year. This instance of the so-called set of escape tasks is consistent with the claims claim rights which, in fact, have not been paid.

Located in Mundra, Gujarat, Adani Food Limited claims to have established the first coal-based power plant based on India’s “super critical technology”, with an installed capacity to generate 660 megawatts of electricity. The center of Mundra, located in the port and Adani SEZ, has a total capacity to generate 4,620 MW. The Mundra power plant.

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