Aadhaar mandatory for school kids too! Visit your bank to speed up process

Aadhaar mandatory for school kids too! Visit your bank to speed up process

Center asked Karnataka and 15 other states to supplement the Aadhaar schoolchildren on August 31 and send the data to serve their lunch noon “to perfection.” According to the Deccan Herald, this occurs when the Human Resources Development Department (HRD) noted that many of these 16 states had been delayed in completing the task, Nagaland has recorded only 15% of 1,549,449 Aadhaar students.

In Karnataka, only 70 percent of the total number of students enrolled in Aaadhar. In total, 49,10,765 students from public schools in the state.

“The planned date for the accession of 100% Aadhaar is August 31, 2017. Seriously, suggesting that the Aadhaar registration campaign is awarded by the Karnataka Government within a specified period,” Secretary of the Department of Education A school of the Ministry of Human Rights, said Anil Swarup in his letter to the chief secretary of Karnataka Subhash C Khuntia.

According to the Ministry of the date, only 23% of the school’s students enrolled in Aaadhar in Andhra Pradesh, 26% in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha 28%, 42% in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh 61% and 63% in Bihar.

The West Bengal government has not shared any updates on the recruitment of Aadhaar students despite “repeated requests and reminders” from the Ministry of Human Resources, an official said.

To simplify the process, one of the 10 bank branches will now have the Aadhaar registration facility. Unique Identification Indian Authority (UIDAI) has called on private banks and public sector banks to establish an Aadhaar registration system in at least one of the 10 branches in the coming weeks, an official said.

At present, there are 25,000 registration centers active throughout the country, but operating from their own facilities. However, none of these centers is operated at the bank’s premises.

“We called all regular commercial banks – public and private – to establish a registration center and update Aadhaar within bank branches … At least in one of the ten branches in August-end,” said Ajay Pandey Bhushan, CEO of PTI UIDAI.

There are 120,000 bank branches in the country and, for this move, it will establish 12,000 Aadhaar inscription and update centers in these branches, he said.

He added that management would provide a “convenience” to people like Aadhaar is now required to open new bank accounts and existing accounts.

In addition, the location of the Aadhaar centers in the bank guarantee facilities that records occur in a secure environment.

“Registration will be in a safe and supervised environment. So there is less chance of complaints of corruption, overload or bad practices,” Pandey said.

In other words, many private banks have asked to be allowed to register for Aadhaar, Pandey said, adding that the authority will name the “registrars”, if they have not done so.

Many banks are already “registrars” but do not have registration centers on the bank premises.

The government has recently cited the Aadhaar 12-digit biometric identity number mandatory for opening bank accounts and for any financial transaction of Rs 50,000 and above.